Tuesday Tunes: Bobtown

I have the good fortune of being friends with some incredibly talented people who never fail to inspire. One of those friends, Karen Dahlstrom is an accomplished musician who performs with Bobtown, which is best summarized by American String Conspiracy: “Bobtown reinvents American choral music for the 21st Century to create a unique and compelling blend of voices and folk instruments that move gracefully between elegy and celebration.” Karen is also celebrating the recent release of her EP Gem State (with album artwork created by yet another talented friend of mine, Becky Munich).  Filled with original folk songs of a miner’s bride, street fightin’ and summers in Idaho, it’s an album not to miss, especially if you are fond of the folk and Americana genre.

To listen to a preview of Gem State and purchase (and quite frankly, with a price of $4.95, how can you not?), hop on over to CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon!

Below, “My Body is a Cage” by Arcade Fire, covered by Bobtown.