Shop update!

I recently added several new critters to the Goblinfruit Studio shop,
including these friendly little mandrakes!

Said to spring from the ground below that of a hanged man, the mandrake root is known for its distinctive human-like shape and ear-piercing scream when pulled from the ground (which is capable of killing the unfortunate soul gathering it). While folklore states a Mandrake should be bathed in milk or wine and wrapped in silk to keep it satisfied, ours are a bit more low-maintenance and just appreciate some stimulating conversation and cake every now and then.

minismandrakehandslaphey girl

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Dearly Departed Opening Night

Dollirium’s opening reception for “Dearly Departed” was a hit! Held on the evening of July 24th, artists Jacqui Gallant (owner), Sheri Debow, Kamila Mlynarczyk and Sarah Legault were in attendance and on hand to talk dolls and meet with those stopping in to view the wonders on display. Unfortunately myself, as well as  Julien Martinez, Gail Lackey and Scott Garrett were unable to attend, but well represented by their dolls at Dollirium.
My newest piece,Marcel, was bought on opening night and will be spending idyllic days in Canada with an incredibly talented sculptor and tattoo artist, come September 3rd.

Marcel, spoken for! Picture by Sheri Debow.

Crab Boy by Kamila Mlynarczyk. Photo by Jacqui Gallant

A couple of my wands in the foreground, dolls by Scott Garrett beyond. Photo by Sheri Debow

Left to Right: Sheri Debow, Goblinfruit Studio, Julien Martinez, Kamila Mlynarczyk and Scott Garrett

Doll by Scott Garrett. Photo by Jacqui Gallant.

Muertos a la Antionette by Sheri Debow. Photo by Jacqui Gallant.

"The UnderTaker" By Jacqui Gallant and Sheri Debow's "Melody& Zara,Patron Saints of Friendships that Died Over Time"

The artists! Left to Right: Kamila Mlynarczyk, Jacqui Gallant, Sheri Debow and Sarah Legault. Photo by Sheri Debow.

Marcel, who pines for his lost love

Details of hands


A very much overdue post…

Back in December, I participated in a swap organized by doll artist and farm girl extraordinaire, Zan Asha. The theme of the swap was “Holidays”, and those keep up with my blog might remember my Day of the Dead/Easter mash-up bunny that I created (which can be seen here…). Well…I have been remiss in not reporting what I received from my very talented swap partner, Jacqui Gallant, creator of off-the-wall, very odd dolls.

I present to you, Matilda, the Easter/Valentine Bunny girl. She is presently keeping me company sitting upon my printer (“Hal” as I’ve not so fondly nicknamed it), until I get some shelves up near my art desk.

Matilda, by Jacqui Gallant of Odd Dollz

Thank you, Jacqui!! 🙂