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Dia de los Muertos at Cactus Gallery


You can visit Cactus Gallery here

Two of my jackalopes will be joining a host of other Calaveras for Cactus Gallery’s Dia de los Muertos show, opening October 14th and running through November 4th, 2017. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to stop by and bring photographs and ofrendas to add to their community altar!




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Beastly Beings

We are barraged on a daily basis through social media and news sites by opinions, vitriol, snark and drama all contributing to a less than kind environment. The US news is rife with election foolishness and nastiness from both the left and right. We see and compare ourselves to our friends Facebook pages which are, for the most part, carefully groomed to present the best picture possible, causing us to feel despair at not doing more, being more, experiencing more.

We need more empathy, less envy. Let’s try to judge others less and enjoy ourselves for who we are, not what we think we should be.

“Envy” and “Empathy”  for Cactus Gallery’s “Beastly Beings” show opening May 14th.
If interested in purchasing, please contact Sandra Mastroianni at


Envy (l) and Empathy (r)

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The Zealot’s Elixir

The Zealot's Elixir

Now showing through March 7 at Modern Eden Gallery, “The Zealot’s Elixir”….a show focusing on snake oil salesmen, false prophets and hope for the lost. My piece, “Shining Apples” (inspired by the song of the same name on the “Tales from the Black Meadow” album by The Soulless Party) is on display with a collection of amazing works. To view the exhibition online check it out here!

A few photos of my contribution to the show.


Rotten fruit...

Rotten fruit…



Rotten ooze...

Rotten ooze…

And the song that inspired it!

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Sweeping out the cobwebs, Part 1

Seems this corner of the studio has been a wee bit underused….time to tidy up and breathe some life into it again!
Thank you for hanging around and waiting patiently— or at the very least, not unsubscribing—due to lack of posting.
I can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of social networking sites and keeping up with them tends to fall by the wayside. If you are a fan of my Goblinfruit Studio page on Facebook, you might have noticed that I tend to post updates more regularly there. If you haven’t “liked” the page and are on Facebook, I encourage you to pop on over there and give the “like” button a click—especially if you enjoy more frequent updates. There is also a link on my Facebook fan page to subscribe to my mailing list. I will be sending occasional updates on upcoming shows and extra tidbits will appear in newsletters before appearing on Facebook.

You can also find me on Instagram. Most photos will be of works-in-progress, art (not necessarily my own) and art events, cats, and more likely than not, the beers I enjoy. So, if any of that intrigues you, please do follow me.

And…find me on  Twitter if that is  your social site of choice.

Will be back soon, lots to catch up on!

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Spectrum 19 and SFAL! News

I am very pleased to announce that my work will be appearing in Spectrum Fantastic Art 19, to be released this fall.
As such, the piece submitted for inclusion (as long as all goes well and no mishaps befall it) will be making an appearance at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! convention, happening May 18-21.

If you are in the Kansas City area, and love sci-fi and fantastical art, be sure to get yourself a pass…it’s an opportunity to meet some of the best artists in the field and those artists you’ve long admired. Prices are more than reasonable…just $20 for a one day pass, and $40 for a three day! You’ll find both myself and fellow exhibitor, EC Steiner (aka King Unicorn) at booth 404. Be sure to say hello, chat us up and ask those questions you’ve always needed answered…

My congratulations to every one of the artists who were chosen for this year’s publication, and a big THANK YOU to the judges who deemed my work representative of Spectrum’s high standards.

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Welcoming 2012

Alright…I’m a bit late (by three weeks, no less) to usher in 2012…though if you celebrate Chinese New Year’s, I suppose this post is right on time…Happy New Year!

Those subscribed to my blog may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet the past few weeks. Besides the fact I am notoriously lax in updating my blog, I’ve been busy preparing and creating new dolls for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! convention happening in May. This will be my first convention appearance with my dolls  and needless to say, the next several months will be cause for great excitement tempered with a healthy dose of frantic anxiety.  I will not be participating in any gallery shows until after May, as all my creative energies  will be focused on SFAL!(it’s better for my sanity that way). The number of doll parts continues to grow and take up space on my desk—I’ll be showing sneak peeks during the next few months leading up to the show. To learn more about this phenomenal event (and all the talent attending) visit here. If you live near Kansas City, MO, it’s an event not to miss!

I’m also very pleased to present the various publications and online sites that have been featuring my work as well as interviews in which I discuss the process and inspiration for my art. Like I said, it’s been a busy month!

“Marcel” appears in the Gallery section of the March 2012 Doll Collector Magazine.

Six questions with the Italian online zine, ArtZine

… and a wonderful feature in issue number 7 of “Nothing to Nobody Magazine”. My art is keeping company alongside
artists such as Martin Wittfooth, Meggs, and Emma Geary, to name a few. $2 gets you 80 pages worth of eye-candy, instantly delivered…a bargain!

And to all those who have stuck with this blog (as well as my other social channels on the internets) and continue to support and appreciate my art, THANK YOU!

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The Odd Luminary


I’m quite pleased to announce that my work is now being carried by “The Odd Luminary”, a wonderful online store that specializes in handmade curiosities and fine art from around the world.

“The Odd Luminary travels the globe accompanied by his faithful owl Bubo. Together they search for strange and wondrous things, which they bring from the four corners of the earth, back to the seven corners of their centenarian home in Brooklyn, New York.

The sleepy house is brimming with odd creatures, beautiful handmade art, and many peculiar one of a kind pieces that often defy description. You may uncover the details of his travels and possibly gain insight into the man himself by sifting through his online journal. Please stay awhile, explore his gallery and feel free to purchase from his collection.”

Right now, you can find these (small sampling below) within the rooms of the Odd Luminary’s house….

To see more, or purchase, wander into the Odd Luminary’s parlor.