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Dia de los Muertos at Cactus Gallery


You can visit Cactus Gallery here

Two of my jackalopes will be joining a host of other Calaveras for Cactus Gallery’s Dia de los Muertos show, opening October 14th and running through November 4th, 2017. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to stop by and bring photographs and ofrendas to add to their community altar!




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Beastly Beings

We are barraged on a daily basis through social media and news sites by opinions, vitriol, snark and drama all contributing to a less than kind environment. The US news is rife with election foolishness and nastiness from both the left and right. We see and compare ourselves to our friends Facebook pages which are, for the most part, carefully groomed to present the best picture possible, causing us to feel despair at not doing more, being more, experiencing more.

We need more empathy, less envy. Let’s try to judge others less and enjoy ourselves for who we are, not what we think we should be.

“Envy” and “Empathy”  for Cactus Gallery’s “Beastly Beings” show opening May 14th.
If interested in purchasing, please contact Sandra Mastroianni at


Envy (l) and Empathy (r)

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The Zealot’s Elixir

The Zealot's Elixir

Now showing through March 7 at Modern Eden Gallery, “The Zealot’s Elixir”….a show focusing on snake oil salesmen, false prophets and hope for the lost. My piece, “Shining Apples” (inspired by the song of the same name on the “Tales from the Black Meadow” album by The Soulless Party) is on display with a collection of amazing works. To view the exhibition online check it out here!

A few photos of my contribution to the show.


Rotten fruit...

Rotten fruit…



Rotten ooze...

Rotten ooze…

And the song that inspired it!

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October Opening Nights

As October ushers in cool weather and a change of color in the trees, it is the month of thrills and chills, darkness, death and things that go bump in the night. What better than to visit a couple of galleries offering up art celebrating those very things?

Tonight  Rendition Gallery in Colorado reveals “It’s Alive!” from 2-10pm. A show filled with dark delights, you’ll find my bleeding eye bunny wands nestled amongst other wonderfully creepy works by Emma Overman, Russell Dickerson, Adam Pratt, John Pinkerton (Food Network), Brynn Metheney, Vanessa Compton, Jennifer Meyer, Den Ramos, Kimberley MacAulay, Matt Anderson, Daniel Ibanez, Jeff Herndon, Rachel Ann, Rolfe Bautista, Bryan A. Collins, and more.

On Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 7pm, Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles opens up the doors for its 7th annual Dias de los Muertos show, “Muerto En Vida”. My newest creation, “Ana”  (below) will be there sharing space with other beautiful creations by Ulla Anobile, Lacey Bryant, Kurtis Rykovich, Alex Alferov, as well as many others.

Photo by Steve Harrison Photography

Happy October!


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Dearly Departed Opening Night

Dollirium’s opening reception for “Dearly Departed” was a hit! Held on the evening of July 24th, artists Jacqui Gallant (owner), Sheri Debow, Kamila Mlynarczyk and Sarah Legault were in attendance and on hand to talk dolls and meet with those stopping in to view the wonders on display. Unfortunately myself, as well as  Julien Martinez, Gail Lackey and Scott Garrett were unable to attend, but well represented by their dolls at Dollirium.
My newest piece,Marcel, was bought on opening night and will be spending idyllic days in Canada with an incredibly talented sculptor and tattoo artist, come September 3rd.

Marcel, spoken for! Picture by Sheri Debow.

Crab Boy by Kamila Mlynarczyk. Photo by Jacqui Gallant

A couple of my wands in the foreground, dolls by Scott Garrett beyond. Photo by Sheri Debow

Left to Right: Sheri Debow, Goblinfruit Studio, Julien Martinez, Kamila Mlynarczyk and Scott Garrett

Doll by Scott Garrett. Photo by Jacqui Gallant.

Muertos a la Antionette by Sheri Debow. Photo by Jacqui Gallant.

"The UnderTaker" By Jacqui Gallant and Sheri Debow's "Melody& Zara,Patron Saints of Friendships that Died Over Time"

The artists! Left to Right: Kamila Mlynarczyk, Jacqui Gallant, Sheri Debow and Sarah Legault. Photo by Sheri Debow.

Marcel, who pines for his lost love

Details of hands

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Upcoming Group Show

At Jaqui Gallant’s Dollirium located in London, Ontario; a fantastic line up of artists remember the “Dearly Departed”.
Opening reception is July 24, from 4pm-8pm, and the show runs through September 3rd. Not to be missed if you’re in the area!

I will be debuting a new doll, as well as the latest in my wand series—

Due to the positive response for these guys, I will be introducing them to my shop mid August, among other wand-ish goodies.

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Circus Lives!

A week and a half ago I installed my two newest pieces for the show “Circus Lives”, which celebrates the lives and spirit of circus performers. Taking place upon a barge built in 1914, at the Waterfront Museum in Red Hook, Brooklyn, this show coincides with live performances of a big top nature on various Sundays throughout June. An artist’s reception is being held on the barge, June 17, from 6-8pm, at 290 Conover Street, Pier 44. If you’re in the five boroughs, come by and say hi!

“The Juggler” and “Keeping the Balance” have been the most time-consuming and sweat-inducing pieces since I began creating dolls. Because these dolls had to be hung upon the barge walls, some sort of display/shelf system had to be developed. So, not only were dolls created, but two 30″ high “stages” had to be designed, cut, assembled and painted. These two pieces wouldn’t have come to life if it hadn’t been for my beau, Peter, who is skilled in both architecture and construction. After discussing potential viewing heights and the dolls themselves, I sketched out a rough design for the stages, incorporating somewhat of an early 1900’s feel. Peter then took the design, finessed the lines and created a cardboard template, with which I could play with when figuring out the final proportions of the two dolls. Once I was satisfied with the feel and size of the stage, Peter then proceeded to create the final wooden pieces.

The cardboard template
Completed, in wood.

As the stages were being worked on, I was busy sculpting, painting and sewing together the two dolls who would be performing within these spaces.

Mini paperclay birds created to sit upon the shoulders of the blue bunny...

Figuring out stage backgrounds and material for costumes...

Once the wooden stages were assembled, painted red, and distressed, curtain fabric was decided upon. Though I had found what I thought was the perfect material for a stage curtain, it seemed too shiny and bright. Desiring a bit of “dirt”, wood stain was lightly rubbed onto the fabric, blotted off, and the fabric was then left alone to dry before attaching to stage and background. While the fabric was drying, I set about adding the star and stripe details around the frame of the stage.

The completed stage, waiting for a perfomer.

Once stage, dolls and a their accessories were completed, it was time to put everything together. This was probabl the most difficult (and hair-raising) part of putting together these pieces. Each doll was built with wire protruding from their backs so that they could be attached via a lock washer and pan head sheet metal screw. However….this meant first drilling a hole through the finished curtain, then into chipboard (which the curtain was attached to) and finally, into the back of the wood stage itself. The potential to catch the curtain fabric and ruin it was incredibly high. With some painters tape and patience, clean holes were drilled, and the dolls finally attached.  Whew!


Finally complete!

Now that these two pieces have been finished, and the obligatory week-long break has been taken, I am back to sculpting some new wands for the store, with numerous  bunicorns, jackalopes, foxes and other critters in the works.  I’m hoping to have these available for purchase by mid to late June, and will announce their arrival in the store on this blog.