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Welcoming 2012

Alright…I’m a bit late (by three weeks, no less) to usher in 2012…though if you celebrate Chinese New Year’s, I suppose this post is right on time…Happy New Year!

Those subscribed to my blog may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet the past few weeks. Besides the fact I am notoriously lax in updating my blog, I’ve been busy preparing and creating new dolls for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! convention happening in May. This will be my first convention appearance with my dolls  and needless to say, the next several months will be cause for great excitement tempered with a healthy dose of frantic anxiety.  I will not be participating in any gallery shows until after May, as all my creative energies  will be focused on SFAL!(it’s better for my sanity that way). The number of doll parts continues to grow and take up space on my desk—I’ll be showing sneak peeks during the next few months leading up to the show. To learn more about this phenomenal event (and all the talent attending) visit here. If you live near Kansas City, MO, it’s an event not to miss!

I’m also very pleased to present the various publications and online sites that have been featuring my work as well as interviews in which I discuss the process and inspiration for my art. Like I said, it’s been a busy month!

“Marcel” appears in the Gallery section of the March 2012 Doll Collector Magazine.

Six questions with the Italian online zine, ArtZine

… and a wonderful feature in issue number 7 of “Nothing to Nobody Magazine”. My art is keeping company alongside
artists such as Martin Wittfooth, Meggs, and Emma Geary, to name a few. $2 gets you 80 pages worth of eye-candy, instantly delivered…a bargain!

And to all those who have stuck with this blog (as well as my other social channels on the internets) and continue to support and appreciate my art, THANK YOU!