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The Odd Luminary


I’m quite pleased to announce that my work is now being carried by “The Odd Luminary”, a wonderful online store that specializes in handmade curiosities and fine art from around the world.

“The Odd Luminary travels the globe accompanied by his faithful owl Bubo. Together they search for strange and wondrous things, which they bring from the four corners of the earth, back to the seven corners of their centenarian home in Brooklyn, New York.

The sleepy house is brimming with odd creatures, beautiful handmade art, and many peculiar one of a kind pieces that often defy description. You may uncover the details of his travels and possibly gain insight into the man himself by sifting through his online journal. Please stay awhile, explore his gallery and feel free to purchase from his collection.”

Right now, you can find these (small sampling below) within the rooms of the Odd Luminary’s house….

To see more, or purchase, wander into the Odd Luminary’s parlor.


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