It’s that time of the year again…

Yup. The Christmas decorations have been invading stores since mid October, and the floodgates will open come Monday. Retailers desperate to stay in the black will attempt to lure you into their stores with outrageous sales (if you’re willing to get up at 4am and claw your way through a mass of fellow shoppers, that is) and promises of a more beautiful life (for you, or the loved one/coworker/friend you’re buying for) if you only buy this or that cheap trinket made in China that will be tossed away and break within a week.

This year do something different. Buy something that matters.

Until the end of this year, twice a week (perhaps more) I will highlight independent artists, craftspeople, shops that I have either personally bought from or that tickle my fancy.

What could be better? You get something unique, handcrafted with love and care,  AND help an artist achieve their dreams/pay the bills/feed their family.

You want to stick it to the man? Tired of corporations ruling our lives? Put your money where your mouth is and buy from an independent artist this holiday season. They’ll thank you for it.


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