Fall shows and other news…

As summer transitions into fall (my favorite time of year, as am I no fan of hot weather),  I have been focusing on creating several new pieces for shows coming up in October and November.

First up is the annual Dia de los Muertos show at Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles, CA which will open the second weekend in October.  November brings the “Master Blasters of Sculpture” show at the Hive Gallery, also in Los Angeles. Featuring both local and out-of-state talent, “Master Blasters of Sculpture” usually opens the first weekend (I will post more info shortly!).

I am also very pleased to announced that Goblinfruit Studio will be sharing a booth with King Unicorn and exhibiting at the first ever Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! Convention, May 2012, in Kansas City, MO. Conceived and organized by the staff of Spectrum Fantastic art, this convention promises to be an exhilarating experience, with numerous masters of painting, illustration and sculpting within the sci-fi/fantasy genre in attendance. Such artists as Brom, Virginie Ropars, Mike Mignola, Donato Giancola and the Shiflett Brothers are only a FEW of the 200+ exhibitors in attendance. The amount of concentrated talent within the Grand Ballroom of the Bartle Hall Convention Center alone is enough to make my head implode from creative goodness.

From the SFAL website:  “We envision Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! as a fantasy-focused art fair, one in which creators will be able to sell originals and prints while promoting their work to patrons, collectors, and potential clients. Presentations, panels and displays will help broaden the public’s awareness of and appreciation for our field; art directors will be invited to meet new talent and conduct portfolio reviews; workshops and educational opportunities will be offered; and there will be the chance to network, socialize, and share.”

This is gonna be good.