New Goblinfruit Studio Stuff

Coilhouse Magazine, Q & A

I recently had the good fortune of being interviewed about my work, influences, and future projects by Coilhouse Magazine contributor and wordsmith, S. Elizabeth (whose blog is a playground for admirers of high fashion, haunting music, and dark fairytales). An excerpt:

“Carisa Swenson of Goblinfruit Studio creates curious critters who seem to have wandered quietly out of a child’s fable of forest creatures, gleaming-eyed and grinning from beneath be-fanged overbites.  Yet for all their grimacing, there is no sense of malice, no reason to fear this peculiar lot;  look closer and you will find something profoundly endearing, familiar, and gentle about this oddball cast of creatures.  Though they are semi-feral fairytale beasties from a dark wood, one gets the feeling from their earnest, even kindly expressions that they, just like anyone, are yearning for a happily ever after.”

To read more, please visit Coilhouse Magazine’s blog.