A very much overdue post…

Back in December, I participated in a swap organized by doll artist and farm girl extraordinaire, Zan Asha. The theme of the swap was “Holidays”, and those keep up with my blog might remember my Day of the Dead/Easter mash-up bunny that I created (which can be seen here…). Well…I have been remiss in not reporting what I received from my very talented swap partner, Jacqui Gallant, creator of off-the-wall, very odd dolls.

I present to you, Matilda, the Easter/Valentine Bunny girl. She is presently keeping me company sitting upon my printer (“Hal” as I’ve not so fondly nicknamed it), until I get some shelves up near my art desk.

Matilda, by Jacqui Gallant of Odd Dollz

Thank you, Jacqui!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A very much overdue post…

  1. Zan Asha says:

    Hey Chica! I am so glad to have you in our crazy swap! You rocked it girl! And so did Jacqui! Amazing artists all around 😉

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