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News and a (belated) Tunes…

As 2011 chugs along, new shows have been lining up and dolls are taking form here at Goblinfruit Studio.

First up, March kicks off with “The Dollmakers Show” at Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles.

Opening reception is March 12, and I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area! “Edgar” and “George” will be joining the creations of fellow doll artists, Christine Benjamin, Sheri Debow and Bastet 2329, as well as many others.

Following on the heels of the March show will be  Cactus Gallery’s tree-themed show  in April, for which I will be creating a new doll. As always, I will keep you posted with opening night info, and some sneak peeks as the doll progresses!

Bringing things closer to home, June ushers in the “Showboat Shazzam” show. Taking place on a 104- year old wooden barge, in the neighborhood of Red Hook (in Brooklyn, NY, my former borough of I miss you!), this show will combine both live performances by acrobats, clowns and jugglers with art.

Be here for the “Ars Somnium” reveal as well….happening the end of February!

As promised, I present this week’s Tuesday Tunes…

Voltaire, with Goodnight Demon Slayer:

Sleep tight.


A very much overdue post…

Back in December, I participated in a swap organized by doll artist and farm girl extraordinaire, Zan Asha. The theme of the swap was “Holidays”, and those keep up with my blog might remember my Day of the Dead/Easter mash-up bunny that I created (which can be seen here…). Well…I have been remiss in not reporting what I received from my very talented swap partner, Jacqui Gallant, creator of off-the-wall, very odd dolls.

I present to you, Matilda, the Easter/Valentine Bunny girl. She is presently keeping me company sitting upon my printer (“Hal” as I’ve not so fondly nicknamed it), until I get some shelves up near my art desk.

Matilda, by Jacqui Gallant of Odd Dollz

Thank you, Jacqui!! 🙂