Tuesday Tunes: The Hare and the Moon

Just discovered this duo via “A Darker Shade of Pagan” radio show, which I highly recommend if you enjoy music in the vein of Dead Can Dance, Medieval Babes, Kate Bush  and the like.

Collaborations, Inspiration, Works in Progress

In the meantime…

Dolls are being created, projects being plotted, stores setting up….

I will be posting more soon, with the latest goings on here at Goblinfruit Studio.

But,  a few little tidbits to tide you over:


A sneak peek of my contribution to the “Ars Somnium” project

And a wonderful post, “Dare to be Foolish” from artist and writer, Terri Windling.

An excerpt: “While our intellect chases its bright and lofty visions, our  most original, powerful ideas tend to rise from muddy, murky depths below: from the clouded waters of the subconscious; from the baffling landscape of nightmare and dream; from the odd obssessions, weird fixations, and uncanny flashes of intuition that rise up from those strange parts of ourselves that we know and approve of least; from those places most likely to make us feel ridiculous, and exposed. The muse, if we follow her far enough, and honestly enough, demands that we bare it all: our angel wings and our asses’ ears. It doesn’t matter if we’re writing genre fiction and not memoir; it doesn’t matter if we’re painting fairy tales and not self-portraits. “All art is autobiographical,” said Federico Fellini; “the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”
Find the rest here: http://windling.typepad.com/blog/2011/01/creativity-and-foolishness.html

Enjoy. See you tomorrow for Tuesday Tunes.