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In the meantime…

Dolls are being created, projects being plotted, stores setting up….

I will be posting more soon, with the latest goings on here at Goblinfruit Studio.

But,  a few little tidbits to tide you over:


A sneak peek of my contribution to the “Ars Somnium” project

And a wonderful post, “Dare to be Foolish” from artist and writer, Terri Windling.

An excerpt: “While our intellect chases its bright and lofty visions, our  most original, powerful ideas tend to rise from muddy, murky depths below: from the clouded waters of the subconscious; from the baffling landscape of nightmare and dream; from the odd obssessions, weird fixations, and uncanny flashes of intuition that rise up from those strange parts of ourselves that we know and approve of least; from those places most likely to make us feel ridiculous, and exposed. The muse, if we follow her far enough, and honestly enough, demands that we bare it all: our angel wings and our asses’ ears. It doesn’t matter if we’re writing genre fiction and not memoir; it doesn’t matter if we’re painting fairy tales and not self-portraits. “All art is autobiographical,” said Federico Fellini; “the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”
Find the rest here:

Enjoy. See you tomorrow for Tuesday Tunes.