Who looks outside, dreams…

who looks inside, awakes.  —Carl Jung

Despite my infrequent visits to Twitter, I have managed to connect with and befriend numerous visionary artists of all mediums. One such artist is EC Steiner, aka King Unicorn.  Illustrator, sculptor and writer, King Unicorn’s work is not only technically stunning, but invites study with each piece’s copious amount of detail imbued into the surface. Evocative of Lovecraft, King Unicorn creations awaken your sense of wonder as well as a desire to understand the mythos behind each creature creation.

When King Unicorn approached me earlier this year about a possible collaboration, I unhesitatingly agreed.  Concepts were passed back and forth until we hit upon that most fertile playground for artists—dreams and nightmares.  What if we shared descriptions of the numerous denizens that wander, shuffle and glide through our dreamscapes?  Taken further, what if we actualized each other’s dream inhabitants in our own individual style?  The idea of seeing one of my dream-creatures interpreted within a King Unicorn context as well as the opportunity to breach my comfort zone and create more than just aberrant bunnies was too much to resist.

While there are no hard and fast deadlines for each piece, we hope to present the first in a series of creations for Ars Somnium in the deepest of winter 2010, or as an introduction to 2011.

Be sure to visit the King Unicorn gallery, here.


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