Gallery Shows

MF Gallery’s Annual Toy Show Opening Night

Some of the delights on display

Some GFS pieces—Edgar and his entourage


l to r: Martina Russo, Yours truly, Christine Benjamin, Jennybird Alcantara, Frank Russo (photo from MF Gallery)

The lovely Jennybird Alcantara and her beautiful Mouse-Girls

Back row, left to right: Christine Benjamin, Me, Tracey Nuskey-Dodson, Marie Patterson, Jacqui Gallant, Zan Asha. Front: Sheri Debow (Photo © Zan Asha)

MF’s opening night of the Toy Show was quite a success, drawing a full house and lasting well past 11pm. Not only did several of my pieces sell, but I was lucky enough to meet many of the kick-ass doll artists featured in the toy show that I have only known through Facebook, blogs or magazines. Sheri Debow, JennyBird Alcantara and Christine Benjamin traveled to the East Coast from California, along with Canada resident Jacqui Gallant in order to attend opening night.  I was also quite happy to finally meet Zan Asha—doll artist (who organizes some of the best doll swaps, ever), bee keeper and dancer as well as NYC resident,  Dani Nelson and Marie Patterson, all who came out to view the dolls on display and show support. What a treat to finally meet such talented, wonderfully warm and fun ladies. Truly a much-needed inspiring evening! A big thank-you to Martina and Frank for all their hard work, and allowing me to participate!

Many pieces are still for sale , including two Goblinfruit Studio dolls–Edgar, and The Dormouse. If interested, email MF gallery at info(at)


The Dormouse


3 thoughts on “MF Gallery’s Annual Toy Show Opening Night

  1. *Drool* How exciting getting to see all those pieces and artists in person. You ARE one of those kick ass artists you know 🙂 (And I love your dress!)

  2. Lady Darkbunny says:

    Aw, thank you Aimee!

    I’m not much one for wearing dresses, but I just had to make an exception for this one 🙂

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