Tuesday Tunes: Erasure (sings ABBA)

The original ABBA video:

Erasure’s version:


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes: Erasure (sings ABBA)

  1. Drax says:

    Oh, something to do with my sisters. My sisters and their girlfriends were all skipping school and getting stoned, and one of the friends put this song on (the original Abba version) and other chicks shrieked with merciless laughter because it was SO uncool, and I felt kind of bad for this girl who made such a grievous fumble. She ran out of the house but she forgot her jacket. I went out after her, and we walked around our town hiding from everybody (because we were skipping school), and our mantra was, “Them skags…”

    Alas, when the effing guy she liked showed up, the effing bitch no longer knew my name. “Get lost, geek boy faggot.”

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