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Art Dolls Only “Wonderland” Challenge Reveal

Now this is a case of starting out with an idea for a doll that takes a completely different turn. The Dormouse I had in mind was a bit more benign looking than this Seussian type character here, but sometimes you just need to let your creations dictate what they want to be, rather than forging ahead with your original plan…

Be sure to trip through the rest of Wonderland here!


32 thoughts on “Art Dolls Only “Wonderland” Challenge Reveal

  1. He is wonderful! I so wanted a dormouse to sit in my Hatter’s teacup but wasn’t ready to take on that challenge. I wish I had you vision. He looks very dreamy.

  2. goblinfruitstudio says:

    My thanks to all who stopped by, and the kind words and compliments! I appreciate them very much.

    Good to see my little mouse tickled everyone’s fancy 🙂

  3. Carisa, he’s FABULOUS!! I can’t stop looking at him! I’m late getting around to all the blogs in the challenge. SO glad I didn’t miss this one. KUDOS!

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