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Is it an EVIL bunny?

Most of my time in the past month and a half has been devoted to creating several new dolls for the upcoming “Evil Bunny” show, opening June 12 in LA, at the Land of Odd Gallery. As of June 3, they were completed, photographed (by good friend, and talented photographer, Stephen Harrison), and shipped off, ready for their installation! Of course, once I complete a project, I tend to become anxious to work on something new right away, and one event fast approaching is the Art Dolls Only 2nd Annual challenge open to all artists. Last year’s theme was the four elements, for which I created this guy. This year’s theme is “Wonderland”, based on, you guessed it—Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Also on the horizon is a collaborative project with the extremely gifted sculptor, King Unicorn. This promises to be a most intriguing project, involving the creatures that prowl through dreams and nightmares, and I am quite excited to be involved in a project with an artist of such high-caliber. More to come on this venture…

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the new bunnies:

Jester 2

Jester 2

Jester 2

...And Call Him George

...And Call Him George

...And Call Him Georg

Henry's Hypnopop © Goblinfruit Studio

Henry's Hypnopop © Goblinfruit Studio

Henry's Hypnopop

Tara and Timmy ©Goblinfruit Studio

Tara and Timmy © Goblinfruit Studio


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