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Bunny Show!

Beginning June 12, my work, along with three other talented artists, will be inhabiting one of two rooms at The Land of Odd Gallery located in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition is devoted exclusively to bunnies of a rather mischievous and devious nature— man-eating, subversive lagomorphs promise to both delight and disturb. My new dolls will be keeping company with those of renowned doll artist Sheri Debow, and paintings from artists Missy Feigum and Jinx will adorn the walls. Alas, I will be unable to attend the opening, but if you’re in the Los Angeles area be sure to stop by, say hello to my creatures, and enjoy the show!

Some work in progress pics:


Tuesday Tunes (sort of): Machinarium Soundtrack

Machinarium, an indie point-and-click game designed by the crew of Amanita Design, is an absorbing and delightful treat for both the eyes and ears. With a soundtrack by Tomas Dvorak that gracefully sets the tone for Machinarium’s environments, you guide your character through the city in order to both defuse a bomb and rescue your girlfriend– dastardly acts committed by the Black Cap Brotherhood. Words alone cannot express how much I enjoyed exploring the world of Machinarium and the characters within…completing the game was a bittersweet victory as I was hesitant to say goodbye to such a unique and whimsical world. Here’s hoping Amanita continues to explore the city of Machinarium further in future games!

And below, some tunes from the soundtrack.