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WIP: From Illustration to Doll

I thought some of my readers out there might like to see an actual doll in progress, and learn a bit about my working method (“Method” is used loosely). So—here we are.

I’m currently working on a doll (along with numerous other dolls/projects, because I NEED to multi-task)  based on one of my illustrations of an Anteater type critter.

And here’s where I’m at with the corresponding doll:

The Anteater in the illustration was actually drawn/painted with the Giant Anteater in mind. However, after baking the head, I feel I’ve  ended up what I thought is either the Tamandua, which is a much smaller version of the speices, OR the love-child of the two.

His hands and feet have been sculpted with Puppen Fimo, and painted with numerous thin layers of acrylics, while the skeleton is aluminum wire, wrapped with florist’s tape, and strengthened with plumber’s epoxy at hand/feet and torso connections. Right now, I’m bulking him up with quilting batting.

Next up:  Sewing Fosshape (which I purchase here in NYC at The Complete Sculptor) onto the doll, in order to achieve a firm and rigid body structure. Fosshape is a wonderful man-made fabric, often employed by costume makers in order to stiffen  costuming. Its properties are activated by heat, by which I use a crafter’s heat gun.

No promises when I’ll get the next entry up for this, but I promise, it WILL happen (I blame a fickle and magpie-like  muse, easily distracted by sparkly  artistic ideas and googads ).


10 thoughts on “WIP: From Illustration to Doll

  1. I love reading about your process and can appreciate all the love, passion and energy you invest in your unique creations. Even after reading your comprehensive methodology, I’m still in awe as to how you take a beautiful drawing as a basic blueprint and translate it into a 3 dimensional masterpiece.

    • goblinfruitstudio says:

      Thank you, Lisa! I know that a few steps were skipped here….I’ll be posting another doll that is truly “start to finish”. I don’t usually work from my illustrations or sketches, so I thought it might be interesting posting about one doll that IS based on something. Usually, my best intentions and ideas have been thwarted while sculpting, as a piece often tells me what it wants to be rather then the other way around. But somehow I’m sure you’re familiar with that 🙂

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