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Social Networking, Silence and Growth

For those who follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed a dearth of posts other than the occasional nod to various musicians.  Sometime in December, after months of working towards various deadlines I hit a wall regarding my desire to participate in social networking and writing.  The wish to keep people engaged with my work is still there…but I’ve finally admitted to myself that I don’t want to clog up the Internets unless there is something truly worthwhile to say. Posting “I’m working on art!” on  Twitter  is, quite frankly, a waste of time for both myself and others, and sucks away time and energy which should be devoted to my dolls. Right now, I need to hunker down and focus my energies on two things: Finally getting the site up and running,  (a year-long “Under Construction” site is unacceptable at this point)  and my Etsy store.  Deadline? Spring. Seems an appropriate time for a fresh start. With those two goals met, I know I’ll be better able to blog, network, and give readers something to enjoy.   I’ll still be here, and will post works in progress as they happen, but overall, will spend less time on FB and Twitter, for now. It’s just too easy to be distracted today, and those distractions appeal to that part of me that is afraid to make progress and grow.

On that note, I will leave this entry with an image of my potential home page for the new site, wip.


3 thoughts on “Social Networking, Silence and Growth

  1. simondrax says:

    It’s probably a good idea to step back and focus. (The revamped home page looks great, BTW.) Your true followers know that the real pulse swirls under still waters. And every “real” artist I know is currently laying off the social networking thing—it’s just gotten out of hand. Have you kicked around tumblr? It’s insane. Re-posts of re-posts of re-posts, ad nauseum. Anyway…

    Your fans will wait.

  2. I feel you on the social networking! I have to guard my time carefully or I’ll be on the computer all night. Can’t wait to see the finished website…personally, a year doesn’t seem that long to me because my attempt at a website ended up turning into a blog…with the possibility of a website WAY later 🙂 I have been away from here too long, your new pieces are awesome as always!

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