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IAF Auction Piece “The Animometer”

The piece has been sent off, and awaiting the Interstitial Arts Foundation auction, beginning November 1  (check back here for specifics…when I find out more, I’ll post a link with info).

The inspiration for this piece arose from a short story within “The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper” (one of the many stories within “Interfictions 2”- an anthology by IAF which will benefit from the proceeds of this auction)- a woman realizes that her actions throughout the day directly influence whether the angelic or demonic army make headway in the eternal battle being played out daily on the walls of her bedroom.  The woman eventually empathizes with the forces of Hell as they are reduced to occupying a tiny space of wall, facing annihilation at the point of angels’ spears, and begins doing little things each day to help the demons gain ground.
The idea of having something portable to check, giving you up-to-the-moment info as to whose side you were currently helping appealed to me (I’m sure its only a matter of time until iTunes has an app for this…). Using a pocket watch shell seemed an appropriate fit for the piece, as it evokes the passage of time. Our thoughts, emotions and body are constantly changing, and what we idealized in our youth may be scoffed at or frowned upon with the advent of age, and vice versa.
This piece does not advocate for one side or the other, but allows the owner to reflect upon the nature of our actions, and how often our decisions may appear clear to us, but upon closer inspection actually lead to consequences that are farther away from what we intended.

Each side is magnetized, allowing the needle to hover over one side or the other. The Latin inscriptions, “Emitte Lucern et Veritatem” (heaven) and “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” (hell) loosely translate to “Emit Truth and Light” and “Hell Calls to Hell”, respectively.

All photographs by Steve Harrison


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