A Celebration of Autumn (and free stuff)

katoclayAh, fall….my favorite time of the year. Cool weather, the smell of fallen leaves, and a renewed sense of creativity (at least for me.) In honor of the season and it’s ability to inspire, I’m having a wee give away… three 2 oz packages of Kato Polyclay™. Just enough to create a mischievous imp, goblin or darker entity (perhaps for All Hallow’s Eve?) to keep you company. All you must do to be considered is answer this question: Did you have a favorite toy/stuffed animal/imaginary friend as a child? And if so, what was their name? Just leave your answer in the comment section. This will be open until October 11…one name will be randomly chosen and announced here October 12. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “A Celebration of Autumn (and free stuff)

  1. I had a ragged old elephant with red velvet lined ears. Originally it had belonged to my oldest brother, but he outgrew it and it became mine. It had felt backed blue sunburst acrylic eyes and a broken music box.

    (I actually still have him in my closet. I can’t part with him.)

    His name is Snuffle.

  2. My stuffed animal friend was a short-fur teddy bear. The fur wasn’t furry in the way modern bears are. It was more like a fluffy sort of fabric. I called him “Brown Bear,” but mostly because I believe my parents put that suggestion in my head. I recall them reminding me not to forget “Brown Bear” when we’d pack for trips, so that’s probably the truth behind it. His right eye was chewed away by the family dog – a dachshund that never quite adjusted to the unexpected introduction of two children.

    I think we mended him three times over before I had to finally give him up. The fabric just wasn’t meant for a boy’s adventuring companion and it became too fragile for future repairs.

    This was a great topic and a terrific idea! I hope the winner will share what’s been created with the clay.

  3. I had a patchwork rabbit (who am I kidding, I still have it). Used to drag that thing all over creation (by his leg, no less) – to the point where he developed a hole in his crotch and he started leaking sand. My logical 6 year old self fixed it with a band-aid (which is still there). I had many names for that poor thing, including Bunny, Bun-bun, and Frank. No idea why I chose “Frank”.

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