Works in Progress

Works in Progress: More critter heads


2 thoughts on “Works in Progress: More critter heads

  1. The owlish features in the first head sculpt (the wide, staring eyes and the shock of feathers along the side of the skull) lend well to the inquisitive sort of expression you’ve sculpted for it. And the second creature is just a curious little thing. The eyes seem inspired by some cute critter, but the rest of his details – sharp and spiked – appear to betray a desire to snap at fingers and toes.

    Is this more FIMO Puppen? The details in the clay are really standing out.

    • goblinfruitstudio says:

      Thank you, King!

      Yes, the owl creature is also Puppen Fimo, uncured, in the “natural” color. I’m thinking he needs more crazy feathers, and picturing a monocole. Maybe. I think of him as my inner curmudgeon.

      I have to say, working with this clay has really sparked a frenzy of creativity and desire for sculpting within me which I haven’t experienced since discovering paperclay.

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