A Celebration of Autumn (and free stuff)

katoclayAh, fall….my favorite time of the year. Cool weather, the smell of fallen leaves, and a renewed sense of creativity (at least for me.) In honor of the season and it’s ability to inspire, I’m having a wee give away… three 2 oz packages of Kato Polyclay™. Just enough to create a mischievous imp, goblin or darker entity (perhaps for All Hallow’s Eve?) to keep you company. All you must do to be considered is answer this question: Did you have a favorite toy/stuffed animal/imaginary friend as a child? And if so, what was their name? Just leave your answer in the comment section. This will be open until October 11…one name will be randomly chosen and announced here October 12. Good luck!


Sneak Peek: Interstial Arts Foundation Auction


Just a teeny peek at what’s going on with my contribution to the Interstitial Arts Foundation auction–my take on an interstitial tale titled “The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper” by Jeffery Ford. I’ll post final photos when it arrives safely in the hands of the auction manager.

Inspiration, Music

Tuesday Tunes: Kate Bush

“Hammer Horror” from the “Lionheart” album.

“Lionheart” was the very first CD I ever purchased after receiving a stereo as a birthday gift. I had already heard her latest on the radio (WDRE for those who grew up on Long Island) from her Sensual World album and was smitten. So, with the intention of buying “Sensual World”, I wandered into Tower Records (RIP) and started rifling through the B section…only to encounter Ms. Bush on top of trunk in a fuzzy lion costume. I HAD to know more—and I was not disappointed. Listening to her lyrics was like hearing stories from old friends. Kate Bush’s music helped me through some of my more difficult moments in my youth, and I am forever indebted to her. Thank you, Kate.