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Art Doll Only 4 Elements Reveal “Earth”

A wee forest-dwelling goblin, who goes by the name of Thadeus…






Materials: wire armature for slight movement, quilter’s batting, Fosshape, Super Sculpey, fabric, glass eyes, rusted bells, and cat whiskers (donated by my kitty, Smudge)


31 thoughts on “Art Doll Only 4 Elements Reveal “Earth”

  1. Ah, this turned out great. The mix of textures in the construction of the goblin and in its attire work together so well. And I do so love the use of the stripes.

  2. Cody Goodin says:

    As a goblin lover myself, Thadeus turned out awesome. I think it is so cool how different artists interpret a creature such as a goblin. I hope to move into costuming some of mine at some point. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your creatures are so neat, I think yours is my favorite so far!! I couldn’t get enough of your work in progress, that little face is so strangely cute and it’s neat to see what’s going on underneath your finished pieces.

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