Mermouse © Susan Pilotto

I was pleasantly surprised last night to find my Sea Swap partner’s creation had found its way from Canada to Brooklyn safe and sound, and waiting for me at my door. Upon opening this is what I found:A beautifully crafted, adorable Mer-Mouse!

Susan Pilotto of Crowsnest Pass is an extremely talented creator of primitive folk art, specializing in needle felting critters such as mice and rabbits.


Mermouse © Susan Pilotto

Much bigger than I had anticipated, I am amazed at the amount of hours that must have gone into this creation…not to mention the stress on Susan’s wrists! I’m especially fond of the wand Ms. Mer Mouse is holding, and sweet expression on her face.


Mermouse © Susan Pilotto

Thank you, Susan!


2 thoughts on “Mer-Mouse!

  1. Zan Asha says:

    Hey! What a cute Mermouse! Susan gave me the sneak peak beforehand 🙂 Now, I’m curious as to what you have, based on the sneak peak you gave! You two are extremely talented ladies!!

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