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Under the Sea Sketch

Now that I have received my swap partner for the “Under the Sea” Swap (who is Susan Pilette of Crow’sNest Pass) it’s time to begin the process of creating a new doll.

I don’t normally come up with detailed sketches of my dolls….just a general idea will do. The dolls tend to evolve and change while creating them, and I know it’s futile to attempt to hold the dolls to a strict, pre-conceived notion of what I want them to become. So, with that in mind, here’s a glimpse of what I have in mind for the swap:



Doll Swap


So I’ve recently decided to sign up for a doll swap, organized by Zan of Wild At Heart Art. For those not familiar with this, you’re paired up with another artist and must create a doll fitting a theme— in this case, “Under the Sea”— and when finished, you ship your creation to your swap partner and vice versa.
This is a first for me, and I’m quite looking forward to creating a new creature both because of the theme (thinking of something in the vein of selkies or whales) and the fact that I will receive someone else’s artistic vision! Registration ends tomorrow, May 8th, and anyone can join. I will be sure to post pics of both my creation and my partner’s after the deadline.