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Puppet Parts


I recently finished some puppet parts for Kevin Augustine, of Lone Wolf Tribe, for his latest production-in-progress, “The Hobo Grunt Cycle”, which focuses on the connections “between wounded soldiers, illegal dog fighting, and the hierarchies of circus performers and military personnel”. What you see here is going to be used in part 2 of the cycle, with Kevin creating the body and costume. I first discovered Kevin’s work after seeing “Bride”, a piece performed at PS122, about the shunning of the goddess while embracing the more destructive religion of monotheism, as well as an artist’s relationship to his art.

The puppet was quite enjoyable to work on, as it forced me out of my comfort zone. Feeling most at ease with creating animals in a smaller scale, working on larger, human body parts was somewhat of a challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing the final piece assembled!


Tuesday Tunes: Blind Divine

Blind Divine is a collaboration between Vocalist/Designer Paula Catherine Valencia and painter/composer Daniel Martin Diaz. Haunting and ethereal, I highly recommend their album “Music for Unmade Movies Vol. 1” if you’re looking for an album to spend a hour or so getting lost in.